“I want to do songs that speak to my heart for God and where I am in my walk… that maybe speak to the hearts of others as well.”

See what people are saying:

"Laurie is 'easy listening' in the best sense of the words, no crazy vocalization, just pure vocals that let the music and words through."

"As a singer myself I truly appreciate Laurie and her heart for worship and the passion that she puts into every song that she sings. She has a very lovely voice that is sweet and smooth and very pleasing to the ear. I truly enjoy singing with her when we get the chance and am blessed to call her my friend."

"She's a true vocal artist! Not only is she a blessing, but her voice is too."

"Her voice and her music inspire me to be a better person. The power and clarity in her voice is simply uplifting."

You can hear it in her clear and comfortable tones, the rich and confident melody of “Forever”—this dance, Laurie Skouge’s passion for music, started years ago. Now, with the release of “Forever,” Laurie’s new, four-song demo CD, she follows God’s lead again—sharing her life and talent through music.


“I grew up listening to everything from Buck Owens to Barry Manilow…”


It didn’t take Laurie long to step into the spotlight, embracing her talent for music. At age six, Laurie bravely took the stage for her grade school “Gong Show.” “Of course,” Laurie smiles, “ I didn’t win.” But it was enough to whet her appetite for music and performance. Throughout her childhood, Laurie made the most of every singing opportunity—in church, school choirs. Eventually, her passion for music took her to Whitworth College in Spokane, Washington. It was a formative time of study with critical training in music theory, voice mechanics and performance skills.


But her time at Whitworth meant something more than books and recitals; it cemented her relationship with Christ. She knew, without a doubt, that her gift for music was an important ministry. How that ministry would develop was another matter.


In April 2003, Laurie got together with producer, Eddie Ramirez, to run through some songs. And the heart of the dance, “Forever,” fell into place. “I wanted songs that were focused on God … songs that reflect my heart and hopefully draw others in, allowing them to express their hearts as well.” The recording process was a challenge, requiring not only hard work, but faith and sacrifice on Laurie’s part. “I’m a planner, so I want to know what is going to happen next. God’s been with me the whole way through this process, but I haven’t always seen what’s around the corner.” Even so, Laurie is quick to add that God always comes through, “and right on time.”


“It’s the unpredictability of life, the fact that we have to trust God and the confidence of knowing He’s always there, dancing with us. That’s what ‘Forever’ is all about. I love the songs and the sound of ‘Forever.’ I hope you will, too!”


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